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Barry Dransfield


Barry Dransfield
Wings Of The Sphinx
Folk On Tap, 01/10/96

Barry Dransfield is one of a handful of towering figures who stands true to himself and his vision. at a time when folk's audience easily embraces diversity and when world albums are getting to be more and more common, he continues his exploration of traditional English folk song and music. He always was a breath of fresh air, and since his return with last year's magnificent 'Be Your Own Man' album, he's continued to be highly active and highly visible. With 'Wings Of The Sphinx' Barry has pulled off a remarkable coup, and Kenny Craddock's production perfectly captures the sparkling vitality of these magical sessions. Big sounds, a big sounding name and big names creating the sound: Kenny Craddock, Stefan Hannigan, Garry Blakeley, Steve Cooke and Liam Genocky collectively produce and awesome sound. But it's Dransfield who really shines with some truly inspiring performances. Ambitious, imaginative and tight as anything, 'Wings Of The Sphinx' is the sound of a man in love with his music.