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Barry Dransfield
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Folk Roots Magazine - The worldwide roots music guide.
Dirty Linen - American roots/traditional/folk/ magazine.
The Living Tradition - Folk and traditional music magazine.
The Sussex Folk Guide - Listings from The Folk Diary.
EFDSS - The English Folk Dance and Song Society.
Folk At The Royal Oak - Traditional music and song every Thursday.
Spinney Records - Have re-released Barry's solo album 'Barry Dransfield'.
Free Reed Records and Music - Released 'Popular to Contrary Belief' and 'Up To Now'.
Shirley Collins - With her sister Dolly has been a lifelong influence on Barry's music.
Peter Knight - Steeleye Span member, fellow 60's pioneering fiddle player and friend.
Gabriel Yacoub - Barry toured with one of France's foremost folk/pop artists in 1998.
Nick Pynn - Friend and great fiddle player.
Garry Blakeley - Friend and fellow fiddle addict.
Russ Haywood - Local guitar making ace and guitarist.